Bolt Seal 2K Klicker

Bolt Seal 2K Klicker

  • Minimum Order Quantity 250: (1 box)
  • ISO Clause 5 & 6 certified and C-TPAT compliant.
  • Two Colour Plastic to Prevent Cloning.
  • Tensile Strength over 1 tonnes.
  • Maximum Marking Area: 8 Digit Serial Number, 8 Digit Barcode
  • HMRC Group 1 Customs Acceptance.

Typical applications of the 2K Klicker bolt seal include shipping and inter-modal containers. The 2K Klicker bolt seal is also widely used for ground transportation.

Download 2k Klicker Datasheet

ISO 17712:2013 Clause 5 Certificate

ISO 17712:2013 Clause 6 Certificate

UK Customs Acceptance Klicker 2K Group 1

Worlds First Tamper Evident Bolt Seal

The MF 2K Klicker bolt seal is the worlds first two colour security seal. The 2K Klicker is ISO 17712, clause 5 & 6 certified. This also means the 2K Klicker conforms to C-TPAT regulations. We recommend this product for use on all containers going to the USA. The 2K Klicker Bolt Seal provides a strong and secure seal for transportation, while remaining convenient for staff in ports and warehouses. Typical applications of the 2K Klicker include shipping and inter-modal containers and is also widely used for ground transportation.

  • Harden Pin to Prevent Hack Saw Attack – Mega Fortris use the highest quality metal to manufacture the bolt seals thus preventing hack saw attacks.
  • Two Colour Plastic to Prevent Cloning – The 2K Klicker is manuactured with two colour plactis to prevent 3D cloning of the Bolt Seal.
  • Anti-Spin Body and Bolt to Prevent Friction Attack – Anti-Spin Body and Bolt feature prevents Spin and Friction attacks providing the ultimate security against spin tool use.
  • Anti-Tampering Bridge – The plastic on the bolt seal cracks when tampered with but does not break. This provides Tamper Evidence yet keeping the Container secured.

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