Fort DBL | Plastic Pull Tight Seal

Fort DBL | Plastic Pull Tight Seal

Double-Locking Plastic Pull Tight Seal, with tare off.

The Fort Double Twin Lock is a versatile pull-tight seal. The innovative double-locking mechanism provides extra security when sealing, while the tear-off feature allows for quick and easy tamper-evident removal, contributing to increased operation efficiency.

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Available in polypropylene (PP), the Fort Double Twin Lock seal is suitable for a variety of applications that focus on tagging such as sealing bags, documents and goods-in-transit.

  • The Fort Double Twin Lock seal is etched with permanent laser marking for security and easy identification. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced without showing clear signs of tampering.
  • The long marking flap allows for barcode markings, standard text, logos and alphanumeric serial numbers.
  • Includes a plastic double-locking mechanism to provide additional security.
  • The durable PP securing strap gives the seal enough strength to match different user applications.
  • The tear-off section of the flap allows for the quick and easy removal of the seal upon application and visible tamper evidence.